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by the initiation of a networking process, the advantages of which can also be ... The concept of business incubation has recently strongly intertwined with the development of innovative start-up ... it mainly represents social policy objectives. The

sumed an important role within countries ... ter’s of business administration. A key ... These problems get worsen in

size of 5.5 ESU. Taking into account the incurred costs of fertilisers and plant pro-tection products, which were several ... out of 16 have already announced that

Due to a lot of entities engaged in PPP, such as government (central state or local) authority or a government-owned enterprise, project sponsors, construc- ... best, public services or infrastructure are providing in the most efficient way. The ...

cated modelling techniques to support CRM and marketing activity. Further-more, due to the New Basel Capital Ac- ... models on customer level might drive to inconsistency. To resolve this problem, I ... misleading solution is to compare the expected

Given that the problem of human intel- ... vention, empathy etc.). There are many other definitions but what they have in common is the focus on the factors cru-

business angels, real estate developers, universities) try to offer financial and management services for start-up enter- ... (2) 83

Contract law belongs to the domain of private law. The legislature of the Euro-pean Union first concentrated on issues ... needs to choose the best legal way. Without mentioning the all legal instru-ments of the EU, I outline the two most ... the ser

formulated but do so more research and thus more time and data is needed. ABSTRACT XXI century is called the era of ... technology usage. All of them lead to enriching peo-ple’s knowledge but more the tacit than ... though the sample size was not big

Different writers defined competition and cooperation variously ... tion and therefore lowest prices and best quality products (Myers, 1997). But com-petitiveness is influenced by psychologi-cal factors of human behavior. Competi- ... the Ricardian m