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Annual report 2015/2016 AR1516 July 2016. 2 About CPPE ... health and social care professionals to implement NICE guidance. The most recent tools focu...

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References in the programme to NPC websites In April 2011, the National Prescribing Centre (NPC) launched a new website ... The Alzheimer s Society has produced a best practice guide for health and ... implementation plan – Quality Outcomes for peopl

CPPE programme developer Clare Smith, senior pharmacist, learning development, CPPE ... n Epilepsy Society smartphone app n Antiepileptic drugs booklet n Updated MHRA advice on prescribing antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). More information can be found abo

A CPPE guide . Research Page 2 About this guide to research The purpose of this guide is to support pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

These new learning programmes are called CPPE Optimise programmes. ... to build rapport with your patients. You will practice this in the small group ... Email: [email protected] Telephone: 0161 778 4000 Website: www.cppe.ac.uk “The size of the program

Shared decision making, including information sources for patients 33 ... Leadership, business skills and personal development 44 Networking 46 Keeping up to date 48 CPPE programmes for pharmacist prescribers 49 ... and are available in multiple form

The Declaration of Competence (DoC) system The DoC system is a self-assessment and declaration process which provides pharmacy professionals with a framework to demonstrate to themselves, their employers and the service

Developing clinical ... work towards an independent prescribing ... for safe and legal controlled drugs storage Demonstrates application of tidy and safe patient

Bones and joints in the body 1 Common anatomical terms 3 1.2 Osteoarthritis 4 Pathogenesis 5 ... with them how each of these diseases can affect daily living

Thank you for downloading this CPPE learning programme. We hope that you will ... and antiplatelets. The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) offers a wide range of learning opportunities for the pharmacy workforce. We are based in the U

A CPPE learning programme CENTRE FOR PHARMACY POSTGRADUA TE EDUCATION CLICK TO ENTER. ... We are funded through the NHS Multi-professional Education and Training ... You can access the BNF online by clicking on the image. If you are not already regis