DEF STAN 00-970, US JSSGs, EASA CSs and Stanags. References to these criteria alone do not constitute a defined certification basis, therefore further...

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challenges elderly envisage today and will call upon all regions to actively participate in the future events. ... EU2020 Strategy and its Flagship Initiatives ‘New skills and jobs’ and‘Youth on the Move’, the Flemish ... At the same time, some livel

industry in Belgium, despite a slow-down after 2008. ... degrees in higher education, the offer from the education system remains unclear, as well for young students as for employers (as recruiters). ... level of computer skills 18% 22 28% 14

12.1 Epidemiology of amphetamine and ... a majority of the analysed samples were positive ... Few quantitative studies focusing specifically on drug-related

missing (ICT business analysts, project managers), while other experts (mainly from the ... ISCED 5A/B first degree graduates in Computer Science, 2011 1,373 16 113,000 ... graduates per 1000 population aged 20-24 2.0 23 3.6 ... In Belgium, most of t

Belgium was estimated to be respectively 2.3% and 2.5%. At the level of the regions the ... such as those creating value from coal mining heritage. ... working with other actors to improve and update the socio-economic data available and develop new

BE - Belgium NSI: Direction générale Statistique et Information économique ... Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications (Ports Department at Inspection Activities directorate of Executive ... (Secretariat of State for the Econ

Flemish Ministry of Education and Training - Department of Education and Training 13. Ministry of the German-speaking Community - General Services 14. Federal Police ... (General Technical Secretariat for Education and Vocational Training. Ministry o

Belgian national report on drugs 2013 OD Public Health and Surveillance, Scientific Institute of Public Health, October 2013, Brussels, Belgium

The “10 000 Steps Flanders challenge” for municipalities (10.000 stappen clash) is a campaign to raise awareness about physical activity based on a community approach and various promotional materials. The challenge includes media strategies and an o

International Trade and European Affairs. Mr. Steven VANACKERE , Vice-Prime Minister, and Minister of Finance and ... Member of the Combined College of the Common Community Commission (COCOM), responsible for Health Policy, Finance, the Budget and Fo