A.1. Identification of the project Title: European Network

The activities included in the project aim to create new tools, innovative services, the development of ICT solutions to optimize the health of recipi...

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Title of the project: ... - Mapping Venetian Routes, gathering GIS data available on the website and on a mobile app, identifying the seaports and sites of interest, giving nautical, cultural and tourist information for ... - Eco-tourism day and conf

This template is part of the project Meetnature which has received funding from the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020) 2 Parallel objectives are:

Title of the project: Mobility Unesco Sustainable Tourism Acronym of the project: MUST ... it aims at building an organized system, with the main objective of enhancing ... customer care. Therefore, the package will be realized thanks to the support

1 Title of the project: Cosy for you Acronym of the project: (if used) C4Y Project duration and start date: 14 months from 1st of October 2014 to 1st November 2015 Short description of project The project "Cosy for You", supported by a web site and a

and new fan projects in EU countries, developing a network of sustainable social preventive fan projects in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), create a criteria cat alogue for social preventive fan …

appropriate tracking software and adhering to Data Protection regulations. 6. Provide daily administrative assistance and organisational support for programme activity 7. Assist SUN Project Leaders in the development of the SUN outreach offer. ... Ex

itinerary that the project contributes creating and marketing, will be promoted throughout the organisation of four sports events: 2 marathons (SI and MT) and 2 trails (IT and EL). • The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the sustai

many learning tools developed for Human Rights Education emphasize the importance of human rights, this ... Computer or DVD player, Projector and sound. Primary Source Materials and Online Resources Audio visual archives, youth filmed by other youth

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljublijana ... corporate companies and sports fans that sports organisations govern their affairs in an efficient, transparent, accountable and democratic manner. ... sport among important stakeholder groups

creation of an information and interpretation system of the Lombard heritage along the itineraries through the use of the new integrated digital technologies; design of a dissemination and communication strategy to market the developed transnational