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place. This has been done with the presence of the software engineer from the development team who helped in establishing diagnostics and solutions fi...

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certain stage: the date of availability will be provided by the CEM. At least the following metadata are always provided: a_webc_url a_webc_hash translation_path translation_hash These attributes are computed by the metadata publishing mechanism, i.e

CWCM: PST Migration User Manual Version 1.1 18/07/2012. 2 of 7 ... The approach of using XSL files to create the (HTML) renditions has proved to be very powerful and flexible. However, ... the content templates the PST does not allow you to create yo

Social climate Summary report Fieldwork May-June 2009 ... (‘Public Opinion and Media Monitoring’ unit). A technical note on the manner in which ... pensions and unemployment benefits. Throughout Europe, negative expectations and evaluations dominate,

SiNGULAR Final Report ... intelligent control methods and bi-directional ... the power system has been implemented in insular electricity grids with increased RES

The Testing system includes two sensors that usually use as a feedback signal which are also ... force, and a LVDT (Linear ... axis. The device that

Development of communication systems between the end-user and the decoration process With a view to achieving a customised manufacturing process it is necessary to develop an Internet tool that will allow the client to prepare his own design and send

electricity produced from renewable energy sources, the results being included in an annual report. As of 2013, the Reports on monitoring the guarantees of origin for electricity produced from renewable energy sources and delivered in electricity net

A quality management system is a way of defining how an organization can ... Joint Action to support the eHealth Network 7 Customer Focus – Organisations depend on their customers and therefore should understand current and future customer needs, mee

purely economic perspective. ... Family migration comprises primarily ... Because the threshold was calculated with reference to the benefits system which has

euro.2 The SEPA project is currently entering the critical stage of ... this SEPA migration report describes the ... its competence in the field of retail