D3.3 ‘Roadmap for the pre-commercial procurement of ICT

and Development (OECD), for instance, has established that “public procurement is at center of recent demand-side innovation policy initiatives. Becau...

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Apple Cisco Citrix Macintosh Sharepoint 53 HP Vmware Linux IBM Windows Oracle SAP Microsoft 33 35 42 37 57 68 75 118 187 182 246 378 . A LIGHT MONITORING SYSTEM TO MEASURE THE TAKE-UP OF "OPEN" PROCUREMENT Study on best practices for ICT procurement

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Study on best practices for ICT procurement based on standards in order to promote efficiency and reduce lock-in With the EC project "Study on Best Practices for ICT Procurement" we are currently ... Networking Opportunities Important Outcomes:

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Information Services and Faculties in determining such. 2.2 The Purchasing Office assisted by Information Services will provide a Managed PC Procurement Service aiming to deliver cost effective (in terms of total cost of ownership) desktop systems