DELIVERABLE D8.1, Project presentation; web first version

home care applications. Furthermore, open peripherals interfaces and open communication interfaces will be developed for SRS, to simplify the further ...

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Delivery date : 27-May-2010 : Author(s) : ... Thematic priority: ... Technology, SAP, Silicon Graphics,

an integrated software system for the numerical simulation of fire spread ... GMES Global Monitoring for Environment and Security ... tailored to specific user’s

Visual C# .NET 2005 for compiling the source code Files Software code will be available. Documents Design documentation is provided in D4.2. Tasks

concepts to reduce the adverse impact of the transport system on European tourism”. ... (e.g. intermodality, information, ticketing). In CONCERTOUR tourism market and transport supply are considered as integrated environment, starting from the assump

D1.1: Requirements document - final version Version: 1.1 Last change: 2008-Dec-19 © Q-ImPrESS Consortium Dissemination level: public Page 2 / 45

The hosting service allows multiple processes simultaneous execution, and mailbox and database management. The chosen structure of the site is arranged in sections to neatly gather information

The aim of this deliverable is to provide the first version of the DBE Business Plan. ... software business models are examined in this chapter. ... This definition is quite general in nature and can be applied in both profit and non-profit organisat

The eBADGE Data Model Report – First Version Deliverable report . eBADGE project Page 2 of 45 Document Information 1 ... ECAR Electric car ... namespace a container (software concept) for a set of identifiers (for example, field names),

Example 1: Apple iPhone 1 Announcement on 2007-01-09 ... Software Providers Financial Institutions The composition of the FIRST Consortium guarantees that scientific, technological and development objectives of the project will be met Knowledge Engin

to use Pro Tools to create original musical compositions using pre-recorded matter, similar to the process involved in making ... through automation so that greater levels of analysis can be completed in less time. My goal then is to learn, through h