Directorate D : Equality Director

Directorate D : Equality Director AWARD DECISION ... Equality and Citizenship Programme4, which provides for a call for proposals for ... Center For P...

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in the supply and network business. The Final Report concluded that there is an ongoing conflict of interest in these vertically integrated compa-nies with a continued risk that they use their con-trol over the network to make market entry and

Sector classification of mining companies.....15 Sector classification of the unit ‘Polish Investments for Development’ (Polskie ... project meet the national accounts statistical definition of a PPP. Until the final ... Directorate D: Gover

Report, are based on desk research as well as on a survey amongst insurance companies, insurance intermediaries and reinsurers, and national associations of insurers, intermediaries and risk managers

Freedom and Security, Directorate Internal Security and Criminal Justice, of the one part, and [official name in full] [official legal form] (Delete if contractor is a natural person or a body governed by public law.)] [statutory registration number]

EUROPEAN COMMISSION DG EAC Directorate D Unit D4 ... Pilot projects for European political foundations The European Community (“the Community”), represented by the Commission of the European Communities (“the Commission”), ... the Directorate-General

policies that further gender equality. Their implementation is driven by ... as well as those offered by the Dual Career Service and Family Service. Furthermore, the Coordinating Office for Gender & Diversity Controlling monitors equality and provide

V.G. Young Institute of County Government County Clerk Richard O. Avery, Director and Stacy D. Morris, Extension Program Specialist The office of county clerk is established by the

Cambridgeshire’s Equality Pledge for LGBT History Month, and host Women of the ... activities of promoting equality and diversity, developing best inclusive practice, and ... improves overall performance8, our Equality & Diversity Strategy 2016-2021

Equality Analysis Procedure (Formerly Equality Impact Assessment/Equality Assessments) 1. SCOPE AND PURPOSE 1.1 Bournemouth University (BU) aims to create a work and study environment for students, staff or visitors to ... Email: [email protected]

With »Career Support«, the Equal Opportunities Office has developed a training program that meaningfully supplements the current programs ... and time management as well as courses in computer skills. The Equal Opportunities Office also supports netw