European Fund for the Integration of third-country

The 2008 Call for proposals: To achieve the objectives of the EIF Community Actions, the projects focus on the following priorities in year 2008: Plea...

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The project will explore the impact of admission criteria governing migrants’ access to jobs, services (e.g. health and education), welfare benefits and voting on the economic, social and civic integration of third country nationals

Title: Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived - Reducing deprivation, supporting inclusion: FEAD case studies 2016 ... phone boxes or hotels may charge you). Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived Reducing deprivation, supporting inclusion: .

Spain - An app to coordinate volunteers and help them manage their own ... of examples of how the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD) is used across the European Union. ... learning process, the Commission has supported the development

The European Social Fund (ESF) is the European Union’s main tool for investing in people. The ESF was the first EU ... schemes give people the opportunity to improve their careers and life chances. Children benefit as well, as funding is used to avoi

Total cost Total estimated cost: EUR 9,500,000 Total amount from the EU Trust Fund: EUR 8,000,000 ... development and poverty eradication”, and to support “resilience, in particular to the benefit ... With an area of app. 1.9 million km², Sudan is th

the Valletta Action Plan priority domain (1) ... especially as there is no systematic registration of displacement outside camps. Nearly all ... relatively easy and cheap, but in the sparsely populated drylands where trade involves high transaction c

(EUTF) to establish inclusive economic programmes that create employment opportunities, especially for young men and women in local communities, with a focus on vocational training and creation of micro- and small enterprises. The action contributes

business development services, to grow their businesses and create additional jobs. Furthermore, job placement, career counselling services, as well as enhanced coordination ... With an area of app. 1.9 million km², Sudan is the third largest country

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development Information exchange is an important aspect of the NRN and EN RD operations. This brochure forms part of a series of EN RD publica-tions that has been introduced to help encourage such information

examples of the kinds of projects which may be eligible for a grant on pages 10-12. ... the existing land drainage network. The reservoir will be winter filled from drains close to the reservoir, reducing the need for summer abstraction, and increasi