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Development Institute for Gas Turbines COMOTI. The ELTESTSYS consortium was coordinated ... (23000 RPM); non-contacting measuring of torques and speed...

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leading laboratory of its kind in the region, as it includes LTCC technology, ... thin film characterization, semiconductor analysis and high frequency measurements

Module 2: (Waste Canister Transfer and Emplacement Technology) In addition to the IDFR report, tenders have been prepared and bids have been received for the design,

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Grant Agreement 227579 PUBLIC 2 / 2 non-scaling FFAG and diagnostics for divergent beams from laser-plasma acceleration) all

in active materials and control systems represented the scientific fundamentals ... First analysis of the available technological solutions ... • Power electronics

lab on Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Trinity College Dublin, Catholic University of Louvain, University of Cambridge and Delft University of Technology. 3 eXact Learning Solutions, Information Multimedia Communication (IMC) and ATOS Spain

Executive Summary . Currently the analyses and measurements performed on wind turbine prototypes, are rather detailed when . looking at the blades and tower, but the mechanical components such as the pitch system, the yaw system

email: [email protected] BASE2 public website : ... Although WP1 “Service Definition and Content Creation” had finished since first year ... expectation of easy and cheap access for a large number of people of both communities to knowledge and

maize told us they consider the application of buffer zones and keeping data for 5 years practical. ... a coherent approach analyzing coexistence practices among farmers planting Bt maize ... Developing a decision-tool software for providing informat

and business issues will facilitate the rapid development of the technology into a demonstrable prototype within the three year lifetime of the project. ... the whole project duration to properly compare the effectiveness of the innovative aftertreat

climate change, pollution and economic development. GENESI-DEC evolves and enlarges the platform developed by the predecessor GENESI-DR project by federating to ... A set of applications to be developed in the first project phase have been selected a