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Development Institute for Gas Turbines COMOTI. The ELTESTSYS consortium was coordinated ... (23000 RPM); non-contacting measuring of torques and speed...

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leading laboratory of its kind in the region, as it includes LTCC technology, ... thin film characterization, semiconductor analysis and high frequency measurements

Module 2: (Waste Canister Transfer and Emplacement Technology) In addition to the IDFR report, tenders have been prepared and bids have been received for the design,

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Grant Agreement 227579 PUBLIC 2 / 2 non-scaling FFAG and diagnostics for divergent beams from laser-plasma acceleration) all

in active materials and control systems represented the scientific fundamentals ... First analysis of the available technological solutions ... • Power electronics

lab on Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Trinity College Dublin, Catholic University of Louvain, University of Cambridge and Delft University of Technology. 3 eXact Learning Solutions, Information Multimedia Communication (IMC) and ATOS Spain

Executive Summary . Currently the analyses and measurements performed on wind turbine prototypes, are rather detailed when . looking at the blades and tower, but the mechanical components such as the pitch system, the yaw system

email: [email protected] BASE2 public website : ... Although WP1 “Service Definition and Content Creation” had finished since first year ... expectation of easy and cheap access for a large number of people of both communities to knowledge and

climate change, pollution and economic development. GENESI-DEC evolves and enlarges the platform developed by the predecessor GENESI-DR project by federating to ... A set of applications to be developed in the first project phase have been selected a

Executive summary . ... (cytosine, adenine, guanine) triplet repeat, ... - further dissection of the myeloid cell dysfunction in HD- NFkB pathway

exhaust is essential for engine installation ... already developed by the University of ... longitudinal shape are not only defined by flow physics