Final publishable summary report - Executive Summary

the development of user friendly design tools that allow the customers to perform unique design changes in their order, in a controlled way. Pylon II:...

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eczema/dermatitis syndrome and gut inflammation. ... The project was broken down into 4 WPs for RTD activities (WP1-4). Project management (WP5)

The project was organised in seven scientific/technological work packages aimed at developing and maturing the peptide microarrays, the label-free platforms and use the techniques to address ... •!To develop software for the integration of design and

Further studies should define the potential of modifiers of these pathways in the treatment of human diseases. ... Link to PODIO social network (restricted area for the participants of TIMER, TARKINAID and ... The activation of the TIMER project has

application to target their research on seawater desalination enhancement starting at the very ... electrochemical and electro-physical technologies. 11

the literature we have decided to create a EUROTRAPS consortium in order to optimise research on this disease in Europe, and to develop further clinical experience in treating this condition, as well as ... Develop a prototype kit for easy screening

Research work is also focused on obtaining data on CO. 2. sources and ... Lab-pilot experiments ... 90% recovery rate is feasible and has been proven in the pilot tests. 2. Resulting costs per tonne CO. 2 avoided not higher than 20 to 30 €/tonne CO2,

incorporating innovative sampling and target pre-concentration, ... immobilization of these bio-receptor molecules on reverse phantom interface

conditions have improved and the career options of ERIA research staff expanding. As a project result, the improved laboratory equipment at ERIA enables effective cooperation with research institutions in other countries. The integration with countri

Three solar reactors (SR) have been designed and manufactured: ... development including radiation heat transfer, heat and fluid flow and chemical reaction in

performed by the companies involved in their day-to-day business and by the universities in ... the best performance in ex-situ testing and this technique was tested on several layers within ... and scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive spec