Final publishable summary report - Executive Summary

the development of user friendly design tools that allow the customers to perform unique design changes in their order, in a controlled way. Pylon II:...

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eczema/dermatitis syndrome and gut inflammation. ... The project was broken down into 4 WPs for RTD activities (WP1-4). Project management (WP5)

the literature we have decided to create a EUROTRAPS consortium in order to optimise research on this disease in Europe, and to develop further clinical experience in treating this condition, as well as ... Develop a prototype kit for easy screening

application to target their research on seawater desalination enhancement starting at the very ... electrochemical and electro-physical technologies. 11

incorporating innovative sampling and target pre-concentration, ... immobilization of these bio-receptor molecules on reverse phantom interface

conditions have improved and the career options of ERIA research staff expanding. As a project result, the improved laboratory equipment at ERIA enables effective cooperation with research institutions in other countries. The integration with countri

performed by the companies involved in their day-to-day business and by the universities in ... the best performance in ex-situ testing and this technique was tested on several layers within ... and scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive spec

Three solar reactors (SR) have been designed and manufactured: ... development including radiation heat transfer, heat and fluid flow and chemical reaction in

fabimed project grant agreement nº 608901 - fof.nmp.2013-11 final report page 2/ 23 table of contents 0) executive summary: ..... 3

minerals being studied for hosting potential disposal facilities. The underlying question driving this research can be phrased in a generalized fashion as follows: for a given volume of saturated material under known physical-chemical conditions subm

dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) ... data for lattice Boltzmann simulations to derive permeability done by colleagues. In summary, TOMOMECH