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2 The home page of the website should contain the generic European flag and the FP7 logo ... Project Management Agency. Part of the German Aerospace C...

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and its integration in a process chain of a cost-effective production of planar lighting optics was ... the measurement of the optical behaviour and iterative remachining of the masters, material development, and mass replication technologies. ... de

Business intelligence focuses on the discovery of useful retail patterns by combining both historical and prognostic data. Ultimate goal is the orchestration of targeted sales and marketing

biological fluids, as well as nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) to determine changes of particle size distribution/settling in those fluids

Fuel cells are electrochemical devices that convert chemical energy in fuels into electrical energy ... or gasoline where the former has advantages of zero emissions operation standing out for indoor applications. Fuel cells also being emissions free

2013 Matthew Purver for ‘Chatterbox Analytics Ltd’, a company built on his research of automated language processing for social media analysis. 2014 Jonathon Pitts for Actual Experience, software to analyse the digital world in the way that humans ex

The sole responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the authors. It does ... Delivery and Servicing Companies 7 3.4.4 Benefits to residents and visitors 7 4 PATHFINDERS 8 4.1.1 Eskilstuna 8 ... delivery and servicing activity it is

fibre/resin uniformity homogeneity besides a uniform thickness shape. The prepreg must have a very low thickness variation in the tow (less than 5%)

Underground storage of hydrogen in salt caverns is a technically ... expected to allow a hydrogen sales price that may ... 12_20141001_102802_CET.pdf Page

the whole reactors’ range: from small lab-scale reactors to pilot reactors coupled with solar tower ... recovery properties. ... towards the collection of reliable data …

A simulation software tool was developed based on client-server concept by Java RCP and RMI technology