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How is IT for you? Online survey of 1st yr undergraduates - Dec 2010 Purpose of survey IT Services again invited all 1st yr undergraduates to complete...

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You will also see the 'How is IT for you?' survey listed on your Study Direct home page. You can access the survey at any time during the availability period in order to complete the survey

How is IT for you? Online survey of 1st yr undergraduates ... and we promoted this in our email and advertising. The survey closed on the last day of term, Friday Dec 12th and by then 1088 out of a possible 3223 students had completed survey, so a go

How is IT for you 2009.docx 1 How is IT for you? Online survey of 1st yr undergraduates - Dec 2009 Purpose of survey ITS again invited all 1st yr undergraduates to complete an online survey at the end of their first term at university to get feedback

96% (95%) of students owned a laptop, netbook or iPad The majority of students still do not take their laptops into lectures, although slightly less do than they did when last surveyed, 76% , (74% )

So, how was IT for you? Stats and figures ... from their own laptops. The IT Improvements Project also paid for increased and ... for free computers that can still build up at the busiest times. Web printing works on PCs and Macs without the need to

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HOW DO yOU LIKE IT HERE? (A Service-SatisfactionStudy) Preapared by Fred M. Amram ... (70.8%) reported that they plan to earn a bachelor's • degree and 20.3 percent hope to go on to earn a graduate degree. (See ... Institute of Technology 0.5 Occupat

network switches etc.) ... Manager and the User Support Manager or IT Services Departmental Manager; ... IT Asset Management Policy

IT Services Strategy Purpose and mission Information Technology Services are responsible for the provision of central information technology and audio-visual services for all the University to support teaching and learning, research