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• The number of laptops had increased to 100,000 (average 4.4 per school) with 50 per cent being used for administrative purposes. • Eight out of 10 s...

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registrar and a cohort of interested physicians engaged in preparing the candidate registrars for the national assessment process (An exam conducted by the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, or FRACP)

Post Lisbon > crisis > wake-up call! • Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth • Digital Agenda for Europe • Innovation Union • New Skills and Jobs ••• 3 • Adopted . 19 April 2010 • First . flagship initiative of the . EU2020 strategy • ... happens a

Keywords: small business profitability, management practices, owner-manager human capital, structural model. 4 INTRODUCTION In a free market economy the importance of small business as a major job supplier, innovator and source of growth is widely re

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subjects), BSc (Sciences, Technology, Business, Social Science), BEd (Education/Teaching) or BEng (Engineering) • Degree apprenticeships – Level 6 is equivalent to a Bachelor’s

to one computer for every four students.vii Fast Facts About Online Learning The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) is the leading international K-12 non-profit organization representing the interests of administrators, pract

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the camera display screen of an Android phone running the Zapp application until the central cross hairs turn from red to green, and a descriptive text label appears, showing it has detected a known landmark

Of course, vehicle automation has been around for some time, with the first automatic gearboxes becoming widely available in the 1940s. Indeed, the ‘auto-mobile’ itself is a