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National Committee on Agricultural Policy GEORGE B. ALCORN, Extension Marketing Specialist, University of California, Berkeley, California FRANK V. BE...

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Understanding and Increasing Social Production Online ... Answers. The last few years have ... We analyze naturally occurring textual route feedback in Cyclopath,

designed to instruct, guide or protect health and social care practitioners in making decisions about people without capacity. These decisions can range from deciding where people live

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Increasing Independence versus Increasing Collaboration with ICT Support Elena Nechita*, Iulia-Cristina Timofti ... 2010; MERYS, 2011). Teachers’ basic ICT skills have increased significantly over the last five years (Vital Wave Consulting, 2010). Bu

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agricultural produce, such as food canning, agricultural machinery and sprinklers as well as industry unconnected with agriculture. ... ed. Most of the land is

CostSi "atd Returns from 'o1f re . - -ing I ed : Feed- Costs and-.Returns from. F-eier attle- - - a- . Feed oC t ... canning peas, flax and seed crops:

CO~THOL : Ob' C},;nTAI~ DISEASES OF SORGHUM : 3 : At 15° C., in : soil infested with virulent 1'ungi, the usc of the better dust fungicides generally was followed by increases in

National Council of Applied Economic Research, ... Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, ... Gordon C. Winston and