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themes within other social science disciplines such as management, sociology, education, anthropology and psychology yet research into the drivers of ...

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Chloe Hutton b, for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative ... SVM was trained using the voxel intensities, and the leave-one-out testing method achieved 100%

International, 1-12. DOI: 10.1007/s00198-016-3718-0 ... fromtheequationHv=1854.4×P/d2,wherePisthetestload in grammes and d is the mean length of the two diagonals,

Tortosa-Gil, 2004)andthereisasurprisingdearthofliterature from other cultures. Withincreasingglobalizationthereisaprogressivelygreat-er need to understand the

falsificationists and we tend to avoid that two-word proper ... as relevant to its rationality that appears to flow in Kuhn’s ... The last step of the

Short Leyton Obsessional Inventory (LOI) 23 Behaviours Checklist 23 Classification Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) 23 The Risk-Taking and Self-Harming

Metastasis is a complex multi-stage process by which cancer cells disseminate from primary ... (SCC= Squamous cell carcinoma) Cancer type Step of ... colon Local

highlighted for thyroid hormone in the review by Richardson et al. Genomic studies highlight ... from abnormal signaling in the brain. There is evidence from

We tested the multiple single ... The association of hexadecanedioate with gene-expression levels in fat and lymphoblastoid cell ... TwinsUK metabolomics,

Morvan ’ s syndrome Psychiatric features include confusion, hallucinations, agitation and delusions (Irani et al. 2011) LE,NMT,epilepsy(Iranietal. 2010b

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