A further development brought about by the project is a public administration call centre, providing an entirely new and effective channel of communic...

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In the field of security, CTIE uses learly defined standards and guidelines (Seca) which are systematically monitored in the context of the projects. is an authentication service developed by a private company owned by the Government and

The new "Strategic framework for public administration development 2014 - 2020" continues to support the ... the quality of public services, including ensuring customer satisfaction. D4 promote the principle of ... ti-eng.php See Alignment Examples i

touchpads, in social media, in public and private web portals, on agency-specific websites, as well as through future, today unknown client platforms. When using e- services available in multiple digital channels, it should be possible to e.g. start

shall have a consistent design and shall be friendly and understandable, which means they shall be readable, predictable and interactive. 2 1. The Citizen Service Centres (KEP) are, for Cyprus, the first ... For the development of new Information Sys

NATIONAL INTEROPERABILITY FRAMEWORK OBSERVATORY Analytical Model SLOVENIA The content of this Analytical Model reflects the status as collected in 2016. ISA2. ... followed specially the directive on the accessibility of the sector bodies' websites an

Same for custom software components like ... Belgium has a number of base registers such as Citizen registration, business registrations and social registrations, education register,… which are anchored in legislation. ... content_management/fast2web

expire or the car registration. 1 [describe monitoring procedure here] 0 ... Strategy-to apply the openness principle in the development of software systems tailored to meet specific requirements, in such a way that the developed code can be reused a

Multiple application/websites are implemented with specific focus on security and privacy principles:,,,, ... manner if web publishing and eGovernment would not exist. No doubt therefore that transparency

NATIONAL INTEROPERABILITY FRAMEWORK OBSERVATORY Analytical Model ... influence the technology strategy aspects based on ... of interoperability architecture

latest: the IT councils decision on using public cloud computing ... security issues, certifies software solutions agains given standards and provides general security recommendations ... Data minimization and data security (Goal 9) have been formula