Open Source Software Development Process for the

Open Source Software Development Process for the Development of Open Source E-Learning Systems Aarthy Krishnamurthy ... (CSS) product. In this regard,...

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Open Source Software Development & Commercialisation Developing Lifelong Learner Record Systems and ePortfolios in FE and HE: Planning for, ... app must be available and freely distributable. – If developer does not want to release source code

ment of Free Software/Open Source Software in Industrial ... OSS Development Platform ( ... Contact Information Services, Products, Solutions, Customers, News Broad Search Facilities for potential Customers currently ~ 100 Enterp

Coordinating Open-Source Software Development ... IBM and Apple are starting to include OSS into their prod-ucts [9, 2]. The main reason for this success is the growth of the In- ... download. In the past, this was done mainly through anony-mous FTP

Traditional Commercial Software Development Producing consumer-oriented software is often done in much the same way as for tangible mass-produced products, such as …

other app in t e rf a c e in t e rf a c e Open Source Open Content Open Standards. ... Some examples of initiatives, emphasis on OUNL’s Learning Design work Overview. standardise formats, not applications: interoperability consumer benefits no lock in

linking any piece of pre-existing software (either proprietary or open source), these guidelines need not as such be followed 3 . However, we recommend taking them into account as most of

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Creator converts a portion of a large digital slide into a desired quality JPEG image. The image is linked to the ... To facilitate panning and zooming of images on our web-site, we have used the Microsoft Deep Zoom [6] library. ... rithms i) intensi

UNIX/Linux and Windows operating systems, and the subset of the toolkit will be publicly available in the middle of the year 2003. This paper is divided into six sections. In section 2, design concepts for the Galatea software toolkit are discussed.

416 Virtual Learning Environments From a historical point of view, e-learning systems are derived from groupware software, which falls into the category of Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW)