Consumer Savings and Debt Data Q3 2016 TACKLING THE SAVINGS GAP. FOREWORD The embers of 2016 have been stoked by buoyant retail figures, falling ... l...

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Tackling The Savings Gap Report 5. THE SAVINGS GAP CAMPAIGN AGILE REGULATION BETTER FINANCIAL KNOWLEDGE TECHNOLOGY ... and Android apps, as well as make impulseSave® top-ups. In Q1 2016, we have seen 40% more auto enrolment impulse savings than in th

Girls at school like technology, favourite subjects tend to be Art, English, Languages and Music ... Digital World careers awareness. ... encourage females into technology related Modern Apprenticeships Encouraging females into Apprenticeships. #TTGG

Addressing the UK Productivity Gap What role can learning and development play in giving the UK workforce a much-needed productivity boost?

and app designers. But everyone needs to ... specific applications, internal social media, and so on, we’ll all need to be ‘digital’ to a greater degree. That’s where L&D comes in. Training programmes will need to ensure that all employees are comfor

Mind the Gap: Engaging employers ... and to enhance their reputation. In practice, they report that while benefits around improving ... on-going relationship management

marketing the technology and products. ... Simple solutions In the UK, Marinos and his team at the BRC in association with BAPEN, a charitable association that raises awareness of ... and move towards an automated system that patients can use themsel

The Gap ICT-revoluTIon’s Challenges o T legal InsTITuTIons Foreword T his report has been prepared during my NEPT-traineeship (National Expert in Professional Training) in the European Commission, (at that time called Information Society and Media Di

3 Analysis of the response so far 15 3.1 The response of the news media: Quality, sustainability, ... This should include real data on the most shared and read stories, broken down by demographic group. ... could also be funded by the digital platfor

and at creating conditions that will help to sustain democratic processes ... they plan to tackle misinformation. They should work with civil society and news providers ... Standard setting for social media platforms. Until now, standards have been s

Mind the Gap Evaluation Report and Executive ... The impact analysis considered the effect of Mind ... attrition. Mind the gap was evaluated using a randomised