The European Citizens’ Initiative is five years old – and

At best, campaigns have been granted very limited, often merely rhetorical, concessions so far, or have been able to make some gains at the national o...

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6 So here we have two of the main features which shaped the first year of ECI practice: firstly, a very harsh context, where until now active European citizenship has been mainly understood – in the best …

social media management and event organisation all imply some cost. Fourth, if you need legal advice from lawyers, this can also be expensive, while printing documents and leaflets and using media advertising will also add to the costs. We advise org

t European Citizens’ Initiative As of 1 April 2012, EU citizens have a new tool allowing them to participate in shaping EU policy. Put in place by the Lisbon Treaty, the citizens’

EUROPEAN CITIZENS’ INITIATIVE End Ecocide in Europe: A Citizens’ Initiative to give the Earth Rights ... increased to between three and six degrees Celsius. In addition, evidence shows that Earth has ... corruption, counterfeiting of means of payment

€ Ban glyphosate European Citizens' Initiative Public hearing - 20 November 2017 ... of rules governing the marketing and use of particular chemical products, harmonised restrictions on placing on the ... The goal is to define an ECI process with few

THE EUROPEAN CITIZENS’ INITIATIVE (ART 11.4 TEU) ... Europe to write world constitutional history and take up a leading position with the first, ... are too early and too high would call the entire process into question as well as the integrity of

t took half a century of European integration before European citizens received their very own direct access to transnational democracy. Article 11 of Treaty on the European Union is groundbreaking ... on the dedicated ECI website established by the

By collecting one million signatures across Europe, ... the two facets of modern democracy 5 ... Already at this early stage it will be vital to get in touch with

Implementation of the European Citizens' Initiative The experience of the first three years In-depth Analysis On 18 November 2014, the Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) Committee of the European Parliament decided to undertake an Implementation Report on

European Parliament and of the Council on the citizens’ initiative, hereby make the following Regulations: 1. Citation and Commencement ... “European Elector” has the same meaning in these Regulations as it has in the ... Online Collection Systems co