Towards an EU global strategy

published daily between 15 January and 31 March on the website of the EUISS (www.iss.europa. eu) and also on the dedicated EUGS platform (https:...

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A new concept for civilian CSDP was agreed. Building on this concept, work is currently ongoing to complete a Civilian Capability Development Plan. By the end of the year, a Civilian CSDP Compact will set out the parameters for EU Member States and i

the way to a more effective Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) into promising building blocks. ... After the EU global strategy – Building resilience Towards an EU global strategy – Consulting the

system that had existed throughout most of USAID’s history ... Pak conflict, I believe that the military will move back to its security/combat role,

and Security Policy (CFSP) measures – including restrictive measures and the implementation of the Network Information Security Directive (NIS Directive)4 – to respond to cyber threats. So it is clear that there is a growing momentum for making the d

So what went wrong? The problem was not Europe’s message per se, but the expectation that others, no-tably its neighbours, would more or less rally to its

Carnegie Middle East Center The response of EU member states to the arrival of over one million refugees, asylum seekers, and mi- ... for Refugees António Guterres to call for “a paradigm ... agencies have also helped by providing refugees with vouch

Center for Preventive Action drew attention to ... home and abroad using the full spectrum of our capabilities.’ To adequately confront ISIL, blunt its advance ... However, down the line this will also call for ac-tion beyond the Middle East and for

all. The text reads: ‘The creation of the European Union…has trans-formed the relations between our states, and the ... slaughts on European social media websites, Russian funding for right-wing parties, government-backed cybercrime, or manufactured

Draft EU Global Strategy (EUGS) papers speak of ‘taking the lead in stabilising Europe’s broad neighbourhood, including the neighbours of the neighbours’

global priorities it is helping to build a new order in the Middle East. The consequences of the region’s current chaos ... But this sentimentality should not cloud our judgment. Coercion may have saved regimes but ... programmes. In most cases, the