Towards an open government data ecosystem in Europe …

Various non-interoperable technologies, software platforms and tools: the ... There are also custom-made solutions and we can assume that in the futur...

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data, transport data, statistical data and company data (e.g. business registers) are ... There are also custom-made solutions and we can assume that in the future . Towards an open government data ecosystem in Europe using common standards

• Mass Media Law is Gazetted on 6 ... evaluation stages, specially social ... Towards open and Transparent Government in Afghanistan Rahela H. Sidiqi Senior Advisor, Independent Administrative Reform & Civil Service Commission [email protected] Telep

obtained by some projects in the areas of Big Data and Future Internet which are interesting from the point of view of the agriculture due the large volumes of data that can be generated over the time, e.g. sensor data from the in-situ sensors deploy

Agris on-line Papers in Economics and Informatics Volume VII Number 1, 2015 Introduction The agriculture sector is a unique sector due to its strategic importance around the world

company later became International Business Machines (IBM), which developed a number of historically ... Web sites were created that, at best, provided information on the agencies’ activities and contact numbers. ... Technology terms included Web 2.0

Data. Worklessnessin Trafford Data Provider Public Service Provider Service Consumer PAs Provision of Open Government Data Design and deliver of public service Provide public services In policy making and/or internal decision making Businesses Busine

distribution, logistic, shipping, construction, and accounting processes must benefit from agriculture knowledge management to realize a new generation of ERP Software

offering storage of daily data for the management of agricultural plots. This data includes use of fertilizers, fuel, water, weather stations, intelligent tractors and others

benefits and potential [2] as well as the barriers preventing its usage [3], [4]. The second topic, co- creation, emerges from the concept of Coproduction, ... conducting an analysis of data-analytics and OGD programs; an empirical example has the po

Linked Open Government Data Business Models Nikolaos Loutas, João Rodrigues Frade Semantic Interoperability Action 1.1 . Agenda ... VOCABULARY PUBLIC SERVICE