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Software To avoid waste of public funds, reduce the risk of vendor lock-in, and support interoperability. Licensing information of the software should...

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Methodology and tools for metadata governance and management for EU Institutions . Methodology and tools for data standards governance and management for EU Institutions Page i Document Metadata Property Value ... Existing solutions for data standard

trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily ... them, which aims at formally representing a domain, a concept or a real-world thing. ... across more than one business systems belonging to different organisations and sector

Experiences in Deploying Metadata Analysis Tools for Institutional Repositories absence of discussion of the discovery of metadata errors but an implicit recognition that the size of digital collections means that manual techniques will be unfeasible

Report on INSPIRE Metadata Validation {enrico.boldrini, stefano.nativi}@cnr.it Suggested solution To validate community profile metadata documents with respect to INSPIRE, different actions should be taken into account

The Workbench is a collection of web based UI elements enabling users to analyze, ... each one its high-level operation and ... CSS Cascading Style Sheets

Updated Report on Dissemination Activities Deliverable 7.9.2 Project acronym: BIOPOOL Grant Agreement: 296162 ... social networks (Facebook, twitter, etc.) and publication in the project website will target groups 1,2 3, and 4. ... The poster present

“verticalization” and less to a horizontal business for software and tools solutions, but a strong need of tools, protocol support and middleware for application-specific packages and customization

D4.3 Report on implementation of a Metadata Management pilot for DG COMP . ... Figure 5- Simplified DFD for the flow of data between authentic source and GENIS.. 49

In hosting a SIG meeting, the GSC hoped to engage the wider bioin- ... best use of available contextual information (me-tadata). We solicited abstract submissions de- ... tium in this domain. In particular, the talk re-viewed GSC efforts to implement

ATLAS Metadata Interfaces (AMI) and ATLAS metadata catalogs J. Fulachier, S. Albrand To cite this version: ... bookkeeping catalogs, and th e Tag Collector, a tool for release management. ... the architecture of the software must allow development to