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The impact of stakeholders conceptualisations of homelessness and how it effects their interactions with the homeless community ... “framing social re...

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Students can find any online reading list in Aspire just by going to Reading lists on the Library home page and then searching for the module name or number ... Then Create link and Save changes. 18. You should now have a new block called Reading Lis

Go to LibrarySearch on the Library home page, select the Journal titles tab, and enter your journal title. ... ISSN and Web address. 6. Make sure the Online Resource button (at the bottom) is ticked. ... Click Create (or if you are currently working

Getting started in Moodle Moodle is the University’s virtual learning environment (VLE). It is an online system where lecturers can create activities for you to complete and upload relevant course resources for you to study. Logging in Enter the foll

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How to use ... (Note US date format. ... How many retail stores does Tesco operate in the UK (Tip: look in Section 2,

we must have your financial code. Forms with payment should handed into your home site library or you may post to Interlibrary Loans, Oxford Brookes University Library, Gipsy Lane Campus, Headington, Oxford OX3 0BP. (Cheques should be made payable to

Turnitin is a registered trademark however, people regularly refer to the tool Without the TM designation. ... Turnitin good practice guidelines Author:

Check your name and email address are correct 2. Decide who can see your email address, and how often you wish to receive email notifications 3. Use the ‘Description’ and ‘Interests’ fields to share some information about yourself 4. Choose a picture

For example marketing strategies have changed a lot recently due to social media, so I ... Once you are confident using all these searching tools, you can combine them to create the best search for your needs. Use the ‘Add a field’ option to add line

Compare your reference to the examples below and see if you can see the parallels. ... Some journals are available through a number of different providers. If you click on ‘access journal’ and you can’t ... Email: [email protected] Headington