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Follow us on Social Media where you’ll find regular updates on ... I wish you all the best with your studies and look forward to seeing you all during...

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Welcome Drama Freshers! ... For instance, NatWest offers an interest-free overdraft and, ... you add credit to your student card in

Welcome to the 3rd #CountMeIn! ... it is an honour to be holding the meeting at Plymouth University #CountMeIn! does not ... please bring your poster with you to

suit all interests, help you get the best out of all the Plymouth has to offer and give you the benefit of their experience of the University. Hall Volunteers will make themselves known to you on arrival and operate a duty rota if you

Welcome to this year's Annual Institutional Report for Plymouth University for 2013-14. ... 01-Sep-2012 Expiry Date: ... 01-Sep-2011 Expiry Date: 01-Aug-2015

the website Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth University Exhibition of Donwood’s cover art and design for 21 of the author’s works. Stanley Donwood, artist and writer, received an email from J.G. Ballard’s publishers asking if he would c

Also, I hope to draw the best features of past Editorial 9 Coffee Break 9 On a side note, Thanks to the Public- ... Freshers Week will see a host of activities including an introductory talk, pub crawl ... site. Post-Freshers Week the website will

INDUCTION WEEK Welcome to Plymouth University! Alongside your academic induction programme and the many activities organised by UPSU (the Students Union), there

make it our business to ensure that no-one feels alone. You often want to connect with ... friends and academic colleagues who will be a part of your University journey. ... if you want to bring your own electrical goods, then only those purchased in

I am delighted to welcome you to the University of Hertfordshire Business School Accounting and Finance pathway. I am your Pathway Tutor and am here to …

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