WP 3 Integrated Sensor - cordis

The development of all electronics modules has been finished and production/delivery started. Tests on a laser driver stack have been performed includ...

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laser via modulation transfer spectroscopy or ... Due to the design of the ECDL boards a direct fibre coupling ... For the detection of the beat notes

channel for the various communications tools developed by the project. The Deliverable is the preparation, printing and distribution of the Communication Kit constituted by announcements, conference material, conference programme, posters, brochures,

the ESSnet Big Data project is a pilot study on electricity smart meters data. ... data from smart electricity meters for production of official ... multipurpose usage ... 14.05.2018 Toomas Kirt Mean annual consumption per sector per municipality in

ganism are situational awareness, capability of self-assem- ... scale fusion processes to achieve the observational and regulatory goals of robots. However,

directly into fluid power components has several advantages ... of standard cast iron off-the-shelf elbows. ... The software used for the CFD study was CFX

OpenScienceLink Platform components in the testing environment that has been set up for this ... and deployed in an Apache Tomcat server, running Java 1.6

The NTUA +Spaces server is an Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine (VM) hosted in the ~Okeanos Greek Academic Community IaaS Cloud provider. The +Spaces services are deployed in Glassfish server version 3.1, running Java 1.6, while a MySQL database server is

business networks in order to identify new financial models for water services and distributors. Description and analysis of appropriate procurement models for water services and distributors. The key value of the work being conducted in T5.6 is …

Phone: +61 8 8302 3853 ... commercial and defence and security. Examples include: ... • System designed for very large numbers of terminals • One or two way service options, with variable message sizing • Low cost infrastructure based on microsatelli

WP 3 ELF Services and Data Content. the Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme (CIP) ... Provide an Open Source based cloud service platform. the Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme (CIP) ... ELF Showcase application setup